Important warning! Blacklisted:

Serge Ankori from France.
Don’t lose Your money. Don’t do “business” with Serge Ankori from France.

Company name: several company names
Contact: Serge Ankori
130/18 Rue Benoit Frachon
93000 Bobigny
Email : or

Reason of warning 7 October 2013 we had visit Serge Ankori in France to inspect his offered stock 136.831 pcs. ladies lingerie Victoria Secret in according his packinglist. Vulome is 718 cartons in according the packinglist, load on 34 pallets. The same day we bought and had paid the stock by bankers T/T. 10 October 2013 we got the stock at our warehouse.

However, we got 26 pallets. Checking the stock learn that we got just 80.767 pcs. (= 521 cartons). He explain that an employee had sold the missing 8 pallets (=56.064 pcs.) to Spain behind his back and through that he lose a lot of money and so on. Some days later he said that he had been in Spain and transport the 8 pallets return to his warehouse in France. of course it is a lie. Again and again we asked him to deliver the missing 56.064 pcs. or pay back the purchase amount of the 56.064 pcs. He promise, but don’t do that. Situation is now that he don’t answer our emails, he don’t answer sms and he don’t pick up his phone if we call him. Don’t do “business” with Serge Ankori. Meanwhile we had spoken more people who had the same bad experience with him. Feel free to contact us if you had bad experience with him too.

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